Our popular marking machine ProMark-T800 is now discontinued and will be replaced with a new upgraded version. This new version we call ProMark T-1000 and it is now avaliable in our product range.

For those of you who demand accessories for T-800, we want to announce that it is the same accessories for both T-800 and T-1000, but the article number has been changed.

The new Article number is now:

T1000-RB-BLACK black ribbon 100 m
T1000-RB-WHITE white ribbon 85 m
T1000-CU cutting unit
T1000-TA tube attachment
T1000-TA-CLEAN cleaning kit guide for tube attachment
T1000-PA plate attachment
T1000-PA-CLEAN cleaning kit guide for plate attachment
T1000-TW profile warmer
T1000-TW-CLEAN Cleaning kit guide for the profiles heater
T1000-AF profile feeder
T1000-HC aluminium case
MK-RS3 reel stand


A durable and strong cable tie mount, designed to compliment the Partex range of stainless steel cable ties. Available with either an M4 or M6 fixing hole to accommodate a wide range of fixing methods.
We recommend the use of stainless steel screws.

For indoor and outdoor use, fully weather and UV resistant. Ideal for hazardous environments.
Fire and corrosion resistant.
Where security and durability are critical.
Can be used for fixing pipework, conduits and bundles of cables.


 316 Stainless Steel
Working Temperature: -80 C to 538 C
Flammability: non-flammable


buntbandsvagga rostfri stal


For more information, please contact PARTEX.

Chairman of the Board, Martin Lundstedt

Partex would like to give It´s warmest CONGRATULATIONS to Martin Lundstedt, who will take over as CEO of Sweden's largest compant, Volvo, in October 2015. We can announce that Martin will continue as Chairman of the Board for Partex Marking Systems AB.

Invitation and FREE Entrance card for Elfack2015

Partex Marking Systems AB

Invite you to:

Elfack 2015
05 - 08 May 2015
Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg

Please visit us in stand no:  B06:02


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Throughout the week of Elfack2015 exhibition (week 19) there will be a contest on our website partex.se. Log on to our web site partex.se and answer a question about Partex to participate in the raffle of a ProMark T-800 printer! Requirements to participate in the contest is for you to be registered in our webshop or in MarkOnline. Three winners will be selected.
The first 50 every day to register on Partex MarkOnline at our booth B 06:02 gets a lunch ticket to the exhabitions lunch restaurants. At the booth, you will also be able to take part of our new compartment boxes for single character markers PSK55000 PKS and PSK55000-PA1 at exhabition prices.

Partex industrial marking systems.

At Partex, we lead the world in industrial marking systems. We manufacture products for the identification of wires, cables, pipes and components. From the individual electrician to the world’s largest companies, our unique marking systems contribute towards increased efficiency and higher safety levels.

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As from today, April, our marking machine SP2000 is discontinued as it is no longer manufactured by our supplier.
We hope that we will be able to announce an updated version of SP2000 in the middle of May 2015.


For additional questions, please contact Partex.


Product information, UL material recognized certification

Products produced by Partex Marking Systems are now UL verified via the UL Material Recognized certification. Data sheets and product labels will be updated with UL Mark (see below). Some limitations may apply for some materials. See coming data sheets for more info.

 UL Material Recognized certification


Please contact Partex for additional information.

Partex expands on the Czech and Slovakian market

 Partex Marking Systems expand the Partex Group with its former distributor on the Czech and Slovakian market.

 Partex Marking Systems AB has acquired 60% of it´s distributor on the Czech and Slovakian Market, Ariane A.s. from the Skýpala family who continues to own 40% of the company. The company has been renamed to Partex Ariane and will be managed by Ms. Petra Skýpalová.

“For Partex this is an opportunity to be more involved on interesting, production oriented markets in the heart of EU. I am very pleased with this opportunity and look forward to work alongside the Skýpala family to strengthen Partex position on this market. There has been a most positive trend of our sales development in the last year and this will hopefully make it even better in the future.”

– Mikael Persson, Managing Director of Partex Group.

“It is a great honor for us to become a part of the Partex Group. We feel it like a reward after many years of effort on the Czech and Slovak market. Partex´s most valuable assets are its employees and we are privileged to work with such a dedicated colleagues. We are sure that this cooperation will lead to even better results. Our knowledge of the local market and the good name of the brand Partex will be a perfect combination to reach a great success in the future.“

– Petra Skýpalová, Managing Director, Partex Ariane A.s.


TEAM Partex Ariane

Team Partex Ariane A.s.


For more information:
Mikael Persson, Managing Director, Partex Group.
Tel: +4670-282 10 48

Petra Skýpalová, Managing Director, Partex Ariane A.s.
Tel: + 222 262 544

New product: masonry mounts!

Partex Marking Systems AB (Sweden) is from today selling masonry mounts. These high quality masonry mounts are made from Black Nylon 6.6* and are designed to secure cable ties directly to holes drilled in solid surfaces.

*Nylon 6.6 is a tough, relatively strong material, which possesses good fatigue resistance, low coefficient of friction, good thermal stability and low flammability. It is noted for its resistance to chemicals, especially hydrocarbons and greases. Partex masonry mounts are manufactured from black material which is resistant to UV radiation, and are therefore suitable for exposure to sunlight and exterior weather conditions.

Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Fixing hole depth: 38.0 mm

PKB-MM6 Masonry Mounts, MAx. cable tie width: 9mm, Hole size:6mm
PKB-MM7 Masonry Mounts, MAx. cable tie width: 9mm, Hole size:7mm

Supplied in bags of 100.


Mounts are tapped into a pre drilled hole in a solid wall or post and a cable tie is threaded through the head

For more information please contact our order- or sales department.>>